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ICT for Internet and Multimedia (LM)


MIME - Master’s degree in "ICT for Internet and Multimedia" Engineering

All official information on MIME can be found on the Unipd Educational Offer Portal.

Website: mime.dei.unipd.it
Info: mime@dei.unipd.it

Degree Coordinator: Prof. Michele Zorzi

Vice chair: Prof. Giancarlo Calvagno
Contact for study plans: Prof. Luca Palmieri and Prof. Simone Milani
Contact for double degrees: Prof. Leonardo Badia
Contact for international learning agreements: Prof. Stefano Tomasin
Teaching and communication manager: Sara Brugnerotto

Study Plan:
A short guide on "how to submit your study plan" (last update: Nov 30, 2018)
Study Plan Descriptions
Educational offer

Useful documents:

Transition to new course offer: instructions

Transition to 6-ECTS courses: instructions (ZIP File)

- Starting an Internship and Final Project: instructions

- MIME website —> Life@MIME —> Internships

- 2019-11-29-MIME Internships Orientation event (slides)