Internship per studenti magistrali presso CERN Ginevra e SAP Sophia Antipolis

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Internship per studenti magistrali presso CERN Ginevra e SAP Sophia Antipolis
di Migliardi Mauro - venerdì, 16 giugno 2017, 10:41

Sono disponibili due Internship di 6 mesi presso il CERN di Ginevra e il centro SAP di Sophia Antipolis.

Le tematiche sono:

CERN: Design and development of a web based system for the controlled sharing of huge datasets. Study, design and development of an access control system based on the data semantics (high resolution auth, small granularity of data).

SAP: Cyber threat information (CTI) are precious insights that permit to react to malicious activities harming online organisations. Standards like CybOX, Stix and Taxii allow to capture and share CTI, however such information are not generally shared in public, due to the high sensitivity of these data. We are focusing on developing solutions that, through the application of anonymization measures and advanced access control capabilities, allow to reassure companies to share their CTI for big data analysis, so to improve the awareness and responses of the security community to the continuously increasing menaces. The internship focuses on the development of access and usage control solutions applied to the Hadoop software family, big data architecture and on their interplay with CTI-related standards. The activities are part of an newly launched collaborative innovation project funded by the European Commission, C3ISP, in cooperation with major academic and industrial organisations.

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