Proposte di Tesi MAGISTRALE in Ing. Elettronica presso Johanneum REsearch, Austria

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Proposte di Tesi MAGISTRALE in Ing. Elettronica presso Johanneum REsearch, Austria
di Meneghini Matteo - martedì, 27 giugno 2017, 12:09

JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH is a leading international research organisation that develops solutions and technologies for businesses and industry covering a wide range of sectors. As an INNOVATION COMPANY focused on applied research and technology development, it plays a key role in facilitating the transfer of technology and knowledge in Styria.

At our Institute MATERIALS ( Institute for surface technologies and photonics) an interdisciplinary and dynamic team of young scientists works in the fields of micro- and nanotechnologies, surface and materials science, light and optical technologies, sensors und laser production technologies.

At our site in Weiz, Austria, we offer a number of master theses for immediate start:


Master Thesis: Printed piezoelectric sensor technology

The use of stimuli responsive polymers in the field of organic electronics and sensors triggered numerous innovative applications in the last decade. The Pyzo-Flex®-Technology developed at JOANNEUM RESEARCH makes use of a piezoelectric polymer and allows for the detection of pressure and temperature changes with screen-printed sensors on flexible substrates, suitable for a wide range of applications (Human-machine interfaces, impact sensors, robotics, assisted living, etc).

In this master thesis the processing of these piezoelectric nanocomposites should be developed from a proof of concept state to a reliable processing routine. This involves:

·       The development of a reliable sensor fabrication process and poling routines for piezoelectric nanocomposites.

·       To gain an understanding of the relevant poling parameters influencing the dipole orientation and field distribution within the nanocomposite.


Master Thesis: Investigation on Laser-Lift-Off for the making of opto-electronic devices

A process for lifting semiconductor layers will be investigated. In particular laser processes will be applied. Those processes will be experimentally tested and the processed material will be characterised in order to evaluate the feasibility of the laser-lift-off for making opto-electronic devices.

·       Literature research on laser-lift-off for III-V semiconductors

·       Fabrication of test-structures by applying laser-lift-off

·       Characterisation of materials and defect analysis

·       Fabrication and characterisation of test devices made by laser-lift-off


Master Thesis: Back end of line processes for solar cells with efficiency >30%

Back end of line processes for the cost efficient fabrication of electrodes on highly efficient solar cells will be investigated. The research is embedded in an European project conducted in cooperation with internationally leading organisations and companies in the field of highly efficient solar cells.

·       Literature research to efficient solar cell electrodes (mainly front side)

·       Fabrications of electrodes by applying printing processes

·       Characterisation of electrode test-structures

·       Fabrication and characterisation of solar cells test-devices


Master Thesis: Biosensors for medical diagnostics

surfaces suitable for cost-effective large-scale production have to be bio-functionalized with DNA and proteins. After a basic analysis in standard format, the surfaces will be integrated into microfluidic chips and validated.

·       Familiarization with the topics of biochips and microarrays.

·       The functionalization and characterization of surfaces with biomolecules.

·       Validation of the bio-functionalization after integration into microfluidic chips.

·       Comparison of established methods and assessment of their applicability in the context of industrial biochip production.


All positions will be limited to a term of six or nine months, the scope of employment is 100 % of the applicable standard working time of 38,5 hours per week and your monthly gross wages will be
€ 1.310,- payable in 14 (aliquot) instalments per year. An attractive, team-oriented working environment with state-of-the-art infrastructure and flexible working time completes this attractive job offer.


Please send your application by e-mail to M. Meneghini, who will put you in contact with Johanneum