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Intership presso Swisscom
di Milani Simone - lunedì, 13 novembre 2017, 17:03

Open position for internship on "Multi-view omnidirectional video communications"

A user who watches a 360-degree video with a head-mounted display (HMD) can choose which portion of spherical content to display by moving the head to a specific direction. In fully immersive virtual reality applications, apart from rotating his head, the user can also navigate the scene by moving within it, using dedicated cursors. This allows to control the point of view from which the scene is viewed. In order to allow free viewpoint navigation, the same scene have to be captured by many different cameras located at different positions in space, i.e. a multi-view camera set up.

The LTS4 is looking for highly motivated candidates with excellent programming skills to implement a solution for multi-view 360° video delivery. The internship can go from 3 up to 6 months and develops in the context of a collaboration between EPFL and Swisscom. To apply to this internship please send your CV, motivation letter and reference letters, if any, to and

Requirements: hands-on attitude, C/C++ programming, experience with Android development, Daydream, and/or OpenGL will be a plus

For further information contact: Giancarlo Calvagno ( or Simone Milani  (