Proposta di Tesi - Univ. Delft (NL) - Dispositivi di Potenza su GaN HEMTs

Immagine Meneghesso Gaudenzio
Proposta di Tesi - Univ. Delft (NL) - Dispositivi di Potenza su GaN HEMTs
di Meneghesso Gaudenzio - lunedì, 24 luglio 2017, 11:00

Title: Advance characterization GaN-based power devices

Aim of activity: Evaluation by means of near-field probes of voltages and currents across large periphery GaN samples to fully characterize spatially distributed effects, i.e., RF performance at cell level (knowledge of in-circuit quantities)

Frequency of operation: up to 10 GHz (fundamental). 2nd and, when possible, 3rd harmonic signal component should be provided as well

Start of activity: as soon as possible

Duration: 6 Months - 1 Year

Where: TU Delft, NL

Financial Support:
Some financial support, for traveling and housing will be porvided.

Main phases (and activities)

1)Introduction and training: Exploration of capabilities of present-state set up
·Makes use of E-field probe (à primary sensed quantity: voltage)
·Positioning and E-field measurement accuracy
·Reproducibility of results

2)New competence development: Exploration of set-up equipped with H-field probe (à primary sensed quantity: current)
·Identification of suitable probe
·H-field measurement accuracy and reproducibility of results
·Combination of E-field and H-field measurements to derive in-circuit quantities

3)Reporting: Analysis of data and identification of best practices when using the set-up

Competences required
·EM simulations
·RF characterization

Samples provided by AMPLEON
·Packaged samples to be measured with broadband fixture
·Sample housed in the taper structure developed at AMPLEON

Per maggiori informazioni contattare:

Prof. Gaudenzio Meneghesso
Mobile: +39 3346957885

Martino Lorenzini, Ph.D.
Principal Device Physics Engineer
Ampleon Netherlands B.V.
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The Netherlands
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