Laurenti Nicola


In modern computer communication systems, securing against malicious behaviour has become a primary issue, that must be part of the design since its earliest phases, rather than a patch added as a belated measure.

The class aims at introducing the students to the fundamental notions and tools in information security, with a focus on the solutions, attacks and countermeasures that can be deployed at the different layers in modern communication networks.

The following topics will be covered:
Basic security notions and definitions.
Unconditional vs. computational security.
Cryptographic and non cryptographic security mechanisms.
Network security protocols at different layers.
Further security issues for wireless, ad hoc and mobile networks.

Categoria: Corsi di Laurea Magistrale / Secondo Semestre

The class aims at providing the students with an information theoretic framework that will allow formal modeling, understanding of the fundamental performance limits, and derivation of unconditionally secure mechanisms for several security-related problems.

Categoria: PhD School in Information Engineering / Courses of the PhD School

Course delivered within the DECAMP Erasmus + Project.
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