Milani Simone

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Simone Milani is enrolled as Assistant Professor at the University of Padova, Italy. His main research topics are digital signal processing, source coding, joint source-channel coding, robust video transmission over lossy packet networks, distributed source coding, video forensics, image forensics, 3D video processing, 3D acquisition. He is also a IEEE member of Information Theory and Signal Processing Societies.



Cod Esame INN1029415 CFU 6 Ore Tot 48

Class hours
Monday, 10.30 - 12.15, room Fe
Thursday,14.30 - 16.15, room Fe
Exam grading

The grading is based on two contributions.

1) A written exam where the student must answer three questions.
Students following the course lectures can take the written exam as a midterm in early May.
The written exam contributes 50% to the final score

2) An individual final project based on computer simulations that is assigned to the students after Easter vacations.
Each student must write a report describing the methodologies and the results relative to the assigned project.
Moreover, each student must give an oral presentation to discuss the development of the assigned project.
The report must be sent to the instructor one week before the oral presentations, which will be given on the official exam dates.
The project contributes 50% to the final score.

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